(2pcs/set) 9012 LED Light Bulbs B5-RGB Series Mobile APP Control 15000LM

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(2pcs/set) 9012 LED Light Bulbs B5-RGB Series Mobile APP Control 15000LM


Applicable APP system:Android 7-10 availableIOS system 10-14.8 availableHarmonyOS system to 2.0.0 available

SPECIFICATIONS:LED Type: CSP 5730Efficacy(2/pcs): 60WLED Quantity: 6pcs (single light) Raw Lumen(2/pcs): 15000 LMCurrent Draw: 1.8AOperating Voltage: 9-12VColour: Cool White+RGB color hybridColor Temperature : 6500KAdjustable Color: NoMaterial: Aviation 6063 AluminumHeat dissipation mode: Fan DissipationLED Lifetime: 50000 hoursWaterproof: IP68Ambient Operating Temperature: -40celsius degree -80celsius degree

CAN Bus:NoNote: fits 98% of vehicles;Some sensitive cars may flicker after installed(not quality issue), additional canbus decoders are needed.Reference Stocks(single light): 9012

Package Weight(g)  350~400 (average)
Package Dimensions(cm) 12*13*5
Package Included LED Light Bulbs*2


Feature:– LED main light source emits light on both sides The double-emitting LED lamp bead encapsulates the basic radiation mirror surface to form aconcentrating effect.

– Independent light source LED color light source module, double-sided illumination RGB three primary color adjustment, different colors, different color temperature, intelligent adjustment.

Noticed:RGB function: red wire connected to ACC +– Daytime running lights Ambient light mode (red / green / blue)  Cool white light reflect road paint/signs better to show clearer road situation.

– Efficient fan cooling Upgrade the turbine cooling, increase the ventilation, strengthen the convection, and achieve effective double heat dissipation.

– Mobile APP Control Scan QR code – Download Install APP Open Mobile Bluetooth Auto Connect – Open APP – Light with Connection – Control

– IP68 rated water and dust seal, 360 degree beam angle

– Built-in constant current CPU, instant full brightness without start-up relay. DOWNLOAD APP: SCAN THE QR CODE ON THE CONNECTOR OF THE WIRE

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(2pcs/set) 9012 LED Light Bulbs B5-RGB Series Mobile APP Control 15000LM

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